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Celebrating the Unique and
Fascinating Stories of Our State

Each half-hour show is an intriguing mix of factual entertainment shot on location with cinematic artistry by an Emmy-nominated Director and powered by original, local, live music. These innovative shows present a cross section of life that resonates far beyond the borders of Maine and the US. The programs provide a unique look into the American lifestyle in one of the US’s most famous and beautiful areas. Family-friendly incredibleMAINE is designed to inform and delight a broad audience with stories of real people. The locations are American but the stories and appeal are universal.

Each show centers on a single topic, setting the shows apart from the short-attention-span conventional trend. This non-segmented format allows for topic coverage of unusual depth for a half-hour show. The objective is to seek out the known and the unknown aspects of this state everyone wants to know more about. All of this is presented through the eyes of Telly Award winning host LC Van Savage and host Alan Bradstreet.. Our hosts conduct interviews and participate in activities, joining the action in comedic and unexpected ways and helping viewers see the wonders around them with new eyes.

incredibleMAINE has been a proven audience favorite on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.
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